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The new Houndstooth LP No News From Home was released Mar 31st and has been getting a great response from the press. Round-up below. The band are working on a tour of the UK and Europe for later this summer, and maybe some east coast US dates around that time too. Order the CD or LP in our webshop, or pick up the digital album at iTunes:

Rolling Stone: Houndstooth conjure multiple heydays: Sixties folk-rock psychedelia (Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane), Seventies CBGBs street pop (Blondie, Television), Eighties alt-rock shimmer (10,000 Maniacs, Cowboy Junkies). But the recipe is all theirs.

Raven Sings The Blues: The band is rifling through a polished potpurri of stylistic riffs with the kind of precision that makes it seem like second nature. Its a record mature beyond its years, and pulling it off so well that its easy not to notice its subtle charms until its got you hooked.

Uncut: Discreet ones to watch in 2015… they are at times reminiscent of another bunch of unassuming

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