Nathan Salsburg announces new solo album “Third”; shares two tracks

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Nathan Salsburg has announced that his new solo record Third will be out July 20th. This is Salsburg’s aptly titled 3rd album, and first since 2013’s Hard For To Win And Can’t Be Won. In that time he has recorded and toured the world with Joan Shelley, as well as contributing guitar work to various other albums (Watter, The Weather Station, Bonnie “Prince” Billy). All the while, the songs that make up this collection began to take shape.

Salsburg says: “It’s a truism that it’s more fun to play with others than by yourself. It took me a long time writing and playing music alone before figuring this out, but I was glad when I did, and especially glad to take a break from that solitary work, which can often feel like a slog. After a few years luxuriating in the joy and relative ease of collaboration, I returned to solo guitar surprised to find that a lot of my previous over-seriousness of purpose had dissipated. I started asking less of compositions, no longer hellbent on shoving a dozen ideas into a single song, where three or four were satisfactory. It was fun playing alone again. Hopefully this record, born of that rediscovery, reflects that.”

Listen to “Timoney’s” and “Impossible Air” now:

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