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Circle from Finland are one of the leading psych-rock bands playing today, releasing records and touring for over a decade now. “Katapult” is perhaps their darkest and most primitive album to date. Founding member Jussi Lehtisalo handles the majority of vocals duties with a gruff, low-end growl. The music is heavy and atmospheric with repetitive riffs and haunted keyboards which create a twisted, spooky mood. Influenced by equal parts 60’s psychadelia and Venom – “Katapult” is perhaps the most diverse and groundbreaking Circle album yet.


1. Saturnus Reality

2. Torpedo Star Throne

3. Black Black Never Never Land

4. Understanding New Age

5. Tree on the Higher Mountain

6. Four Points of the Compass

7. Fish Reflection

8. Skeletor Highway

9. Snow Olympics

Released: September 2007

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