NOQ013 – Endless Boogie – Focus Level


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New York City four piece that started out as an “old man hobby” and turned into the best psychedelic rock and roll band in the city (maybe country, possibly world). Endless Boogie jam, then jam some more. They lock in grooves so tight there’s no escape- like entering a black hole, that last second stretches out forever. Their debut album clocks in at 79 minutes. That’s right. The only thing keeping them from living up to their name is the physics of the compact disc. 2xLP features one extra track and an mp3 download.

1. Smoking Figs in the Yard
2. The Manly Vibe
3. Bad River
4. Executive Focus
5. Gimme the Awesome
6. Steak Rock
7. Coming Down The Stairs
8. Jammin’ With Top Dollar
9. Low-Lifes

Released: June 2008

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