NOQ018 – Final – Reading All The Right Signals Wrong


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Justin Broadrick has always made music which could one day serve as a soundtrack to the end of the world, should we ever need one. Whether with Godflesh or Jesu – themes of urban decay, corporate greed and post-modern malaise often set the bleak tone. Final, his longest running project, is no different. Started in 1982, it has often run parallel to, and served as a undefinable and more experimental interpretation of his more recognizable work. Reading All The Right Signals Wrong is a new full-length album recorded at Avalanche Studios in the UK.


1. Right Signal

2. Wrong Signal

3. Stop at Red Green

CD bonus tracks: Right Signal (alt mix), Wrong Signal (alt. mix), Stop at Red (alt. mix), Green (alt. mix)

Released: August 2009

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